This is an online toolkit for how to plan and implement a City Development Strategy.

It provides tools, games and information for sustainable urban planning.

Is your city
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How to
implement a CDS?

Climate Actions
Prioritization Tool

10 top skills of an urban planner

Vision: the ability to envision physical and social alternatives to the existing urban context Data collection: often in challenging environments

10 things every city needs to know about participation

Involving the community significantly improves the quality of data collected about local conditions, given the generally unreliability of existing data

10 biggest risks for planning you should have in mind

Planning is not based on recent data and accurate information. e. g. Although a settlement has continued to grow, the

Jinja, Uganda: The Critical Role of the Mayor

Best Practice   Thematic block Improved Urban Environment, Poverty Reduction, Urban renewal   Sector Tourism, Commerce, Industry, Education, Housing  

Mumbai, India: Transformation into a World-Class City

Best Practice   Thematic block Urban renewal, Economic growth, Poverty reduction, Public private partnerships, Infrastructure improvement & service delivery  

Tbilisi, Georgia: CDS and Legal Frameworks

Best Practice   Thematic block City Development Strategies, National Legal framework   Sector Multi-sectoral   Project Description In 2010, the

Why is a City Development Strategy so important?