Involving the community significantly improves the quality of data collected about local conditions, given the generally unreliability of existing data (ie mapping informal settlements).

A participatory approach serves as ‘free publicity’ (raising awareness) in the community, informing all efficiently that a project will be initiated in their neighbourhood.

Using a participatory approach will improve the stakeholder analysis and mobilization.

Engaging locals to identify priorities, challenges and their vision for the future will increase buy-in when you’re ready to implement.

Involve community members to agree on concrete options for the same reason.

Involving members from all sectors will increase credibility in all sectors.

Involve local organizations as well as community members and develop their capacity to aid implementation down the line.

Prepare to play a conflict resolution resolving local conflicts that are an inevitable element of participatory planning.

Factor in more time for a genuine participatory approach.

Participatory planning ensures greater government transparency and helps people to understand more about how and why certain decisions are made.